Create and track the effectiveness your marketing campaigns and lead conversions.
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Having an appointment scheduler that is integrated with your POS is key, it is no longer necessary to ever double-enter customer information.
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Eliminate the administrative hassle of your in-clinic sales with a fully featured POS system with Integrated Payment Processing.
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Your customer file gives you access to all historical interactions. From sales, to consult notes, to communication with the customer or their primary caregiver are linked and accessed quickly.
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Collect metrics and notes for each consult and compare them over time. Use built in metrics and/pr create your own custom data fields.
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The inventory system is easy to use and includes a state-of-the-art inventory replenishment module, which suggests order quantities based on actual product throughput.
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Get your sales reports, closing reports and expense reports quickly and clearly. Submit your reports to your bookkeeper or accountant.
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  • Quickly add Leads (Prospective Clients)

  • Use 'Uploader' to add large Lead lists

  • Send standardized Email templates

  • Track interactions, appointments, notes and todo items by Lead

  • Log sales activity chronologically

  • Track win-loss analytics

  • Send large email blasts

  • Assign Leads to others

  • Monitor marketing efforts

  • Press the 'Lead Won' button to convert to a customer


  • View all employees appointments or just your own

  • View appointments by 'Resource' (such as meeting rooms or specialized equipment)

  • View appointments in table or calendar view

  • Use table view to filter and search appointments

  • View appointments by customer

  • Setup Automated email or text message reminders

  • Track appointment check-in and cancellations

  • Set recurring appointments


  • High Speed 'Cash Register'

  • Quick-search to add customers to transactions

  • Integrated Credit Card processing

  • Create pre-orders for recurring order types

  • Create quotes

  • Email pre-orders, quotes and invoices

  • Use standard PC - no need for POS specific hardware

  • Track Commissions

  • Use gift cards and loyalty at a low price

  • Use regular or thermal receipt printer


  • Create multiple appointments, by resource, by employee

  • Track marketing/referral sources

  • Setup for recurring card-not-present purchases

  • Create progress reports

  • Send email blasts

  • Track notes, to-do items, appointments and other interactions

  • Review all customer interactions in one place


  • Track weight loss industry standard metrics for every patient

  • Analyzes key indices and patient progress live

  • Print a patient visit report for them to take home

  • Add custom data fields

  • Quickly refer to past appointments and notes

  • Send updates to primary caregivers

  • Manage patient and primary caregiver permissions

  • Capture before and after images for posterity


  • Track orders, counts, sales and returns quickly and conveniently

  • Track inventory value

  • Count individual and/or by bulk packages

  • Utilize scanner or use quick name search to count and receive

  • Analyze variances

  • View product movement detail

  • Use suggested order quantities based on actual product consumption

  • Email orders to vendors

  • Track discrepancies - ordered vs received


  • Expense table (upload expense data)

  • Analysis of spending by date and category

  • Revenue summary

  • Closing Reports

  • Reconcile cash drawers

  • Track bank deposits

  • Employee Hours

  • Manage customer accounts

  • Commission Report