Based in Burlington, Ontario, Wylie Systems Inc. has been in the software-as-a-service sector since 2006. Wylie has been an industry leader, in providing the advantages of cloud-based systems to companies that need to keep close track of inventory, sales and customer information. As a result of providing a great product with excellent support, the Wylie Business System is now being utilized by businesses in every state and province in North America, as well as locations in Mexico, Costa Rica, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands.

Ste. 85185 - 561 Brant St. Burlington, Ontario L7R 2G0 - (888)688167 -

Will McKinty


After graduation with a Bachelor of Engineering Science (Mechanical), from the University of Western Ontario, Will started a career in operations management with Procter and Gamble. Over the next 27 years, Will worked in a broad range of leadership roles in the areas of Logistics, Quality, Engineering, Maintenance and Production. During this time Will worked for three different companies in positions ranging from Line-Manager to Manufacturing Director. In 2006 Will started up Wylie Systems, with the intention of creating information systems for the manufacturing sector. However, Will’s contacts in the retail sector ‘came calling’ with an immediate need for help with respect to inventory control and online ordering. This led to Wylie’s current diverse offerings centered on Point of Sale.

Fred Whiteside


Fred comes to Wylie Systems Inc., with a Masters in Physics and Computer Science from McMaster University. Fred brings ‘Wylie’ a wealth of knowledge and capability in the information technology realm. Fred’s experience includes founding a successful software business (Beame & Whiteside), which after 10 years was purchased by Hummingbird Communications. Fred stayed on as the SVP for Hummingbird for the next 9 years after the sale. In the years since, Fred has worked in VP roles for three other prominent software companies gaining a broad understanding of software technologies and the software sector itself.